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Remote Desktop Management

Extend our world-class support services beyond your servers and IT infrastructure by providing users with our Remote Desktop Support services. Personal computers, email, the Internet and mobile devices have made the business environment literally 24x7 and expectations are running higher than ever for availability and accessibility of IT Infrastructure and information.

Matching these expectations is a combination of the having the right people and the right technologies to support your users. The smallest issue can escalate into an enormous problem because of the way a issue is handled.

How does it work?

When someone logs a helpdesk call, a consultant will contact them to try to solve the call. At this point, if remote assistance can be used, the consultant will ask their permission to begin a remote session. If they decline, the consultant will try to solve the call telephonically. However, if permission is granted for remote assistance, the consultant will enable a remote desktop connection to the desktop, and either view the desktop and/or carry out troubleshooting, depending on what is required.

Value Proposition

  Transparency and control

   Improved IT infrastructure uptime and productivity

  Access to domain expertise and 24/7/365 availability

  Industry best practices & quality

  Use multiple medium of services

  First call resolutions resulting in increased user satisfaction

  DNS blacklist monitoring